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What is the Features of Flour Mill Machinery?

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Flour mill machinery, also is known as flour milling machine, which can mill grain such as wheat, corn, rice, maize and so on. This article will give the details about what is the features of flour mill machinery.

The market demand for flour mill machinery is growing, as people living standard rise. And it greatly promotes the development of flour milling machine, and flour mill machinery has rapid develop.

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While, what is the features of flour mill machinery? The following is the details about flour mill machinery.

1. The processed flour must conform to the national stipulation, which reaches the third or more than third classes.

2. Basic function and the production process of flour mill machinery should not have error within a year

3. The milled flour is standard flour, actual flour yield should not below 0.5% than theory flour yield.

4. The processing special second-class flour, and flour yield rate should be not less than 70%.

5. The processing special first-class flour, and flour yield rate should be not less than 60%.

Flour mill machinery, flour milling machine, has the features of superior quality, high flour yield rate and inexpensive price, produced by King Shine Machinery, with more than 20 years’ experience.

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